Master of Photography (2nd Series) on Sky Arts

Andy    May 2, 2017

Those of you who need a photography fix during the Summer break, will pleased to hear that Sky Arts will be running the second series of Master of Photography starting on Thursday 25th May.

The Master of photography series is an elimination competition where over a period of 8 weeks 12 photographers are whittled down to 4 for the final. Each week they are set a challenge and given access to the “Equipment cupboard”, to shoot a number of images on a set theme.

To help them an internationally famous photographer and expert in the relevant field will guide their image selection and post processing, before their photos are assessed by 3 resident judges (last year these were Rut Bless Luxemburg, Oliviero Toscani, and Simon Frederick).

You can learn more about the 2017 series of Sky Art’s web-site (including watching or downloading the Series one final) by clicking here.