Natural History Competition Results – Feb 23rd 2017

Gareth    February 23, 2017

Here are the results of the competition held on Feb 23rd 2017, judged by Liz Hatten:

Natural History – 23 Feb 2017 – Projected Images
Member Title Score
Janet Southwood Bellbird 7
Dave Cheesman Great Spotted Woodpecker 8
Steve Granger Lapwing 9.5
Steve Gentle Eight Legged Sheep 6
Andy Hyde Red Fronted Lemur 8.5
Tony Maynard-Smith Beach near Hellnar, Iceland 8
Tony James Tresco Red 9.5
Jeremy Lintott Chalkhill Blue Butterfly 9.5
Dave Martin Common Spotted Orchids 9
Simon Maddison Single Poppy 7
Terry Linton Sunbathing 7
Nigel Hughes Buff-Tailed Bee 8
Emma Porter A Fairy Stool 6.5
Venessa Martin Spring Blossom 7.5
Greg Covington House Martins 9
Greg Evans The Silent Curiosity 9.5
Carole Hawthorne Puffins of Lunga 7.5
Rob Weavers Percy 7
Marcus Jackson Mr Robin 7
Rafe Abrook Cormorant Fishing 9.5
Cindy Tait New Life, New Forest 7
Gareth Kitchener Male Mallard 9.5
Rosemary Kitchener Great Crested Grebe 8
Janet Southwood Stewart Island Robin 8
Dave Cheesman Grey Squirrel 7.5
Steve Granger Hunter at Dusk 7.5
Steve Gentle Black Headed Gull 6.5
Andy Hyde Ring Tailed Lemur 8.5
Tony Maynard-Smith DettiFoss 8.5
Tony James Amboseli Plains Zebra 8.5
Jeremy Lintott Mating Wheel – Azure Damselflies 10
Dave Martin Mullien Moth Caterpillar on Food Plant 10 (1st)
Simon Maddison Death in Nature 8
Terry Linton Parasol Mushroom 9.5
Nigel Hughes Common Frog 9
Emma Porter Sleeping Sunflower 7
Venessa Martin Woodland Fungi 9
Greg Covington Kittiwakes 8
Greg Evans Treading Lightly 9
Carole Hawthorne The Two-Tailed Pasha Butterfly 8.5
Rob Weavers Peter & Paul 7.5
Marcus Jackson Great Crested Grebe 7.5
Rafe Abrook Osprey 9.5
Cindy Tait Highland Cattle, New Forest 7
Gareth Kitchener Cormorants on the Rocks, St George’s Island, Cornwall 7
Rosemary Kitchener A Pair of Swans 6.5
Janet Southwood Kaka 7.5
Dave Cheesman Two Magpies Squabbling Over a Stick 10
Steve Granger Avocet 8
Steve Gentle Bee 6
Andy Hyde Small Copper Butterfly in Grass Woodland 7.5
Tony Maynard-Smith Grey Heron 8
Tony James Widebeest Crossing the Mara River 10 (2nd)
Jeremy Lintott Red-Veined Darter Dragonfly, Female 9.5
Dave Martin Seal Pup on Norfolk Beach 10
Simon Maddison Texture in Nature 7
Terry Linton Little Turnstone 7
Nigel Hughes Marbled White Butterfly 9
Emma Porter Standing Proud 7
Greg Covington Grey Seal 8.5
Greg Evans Hiding Amongst the Reeds 9
Carole Hawthorne Two for Joy 7
Rob Weavers Gary & Ben 8
Marcus Jackson Banded Demoiselle Male 8
Rafe Abrook Pileated Woodpecker 9.5
Gareth Kitchener Harbour Seal, Mevagissy 8
Rosemary Kitchener A Crow in the Woods 9
Matt Lennon Don’t be Alarmed 7
Matt Lennon Monkey 7
Matt Lennon The Beauty & The Beast 7