“Changing” Competition subjects and an extra competition for 2017-2018

Andy    February 15, 2017

Changing Competitions 2017-18
As you know competitions are an important part of the Camera Club year, and although many of the competitions are fixed for example we have 2 open competitions, the natural history competition, People and Portraits, and so on, we also have 2 competitions which change each year. So as to give everyone as much notice of the competition subjects as possible we’ll be releasing the titles early this year.

For the 2017-2018 season the “changing” subjects are;

Anything to do with the production, preparation, or presentation of food.

The photographing of buildings or similar structures.

Extra “Monochrome” competition for 2017-18
During 2017-2018 we’ll be adding extra competition “Monochrome”, which will be for both prints and DPIs.

As soon as we’ve finalised the programme the dates for these competitions will be announced, but keep an eye out for the formal definitions of these subjects appearing on the website soon.