FOR SALE – Canon 10-22mm EFs lens, filters, lens hood and bag – SOLD

Andy    September 14, 2016

A friend of mine (Trevor Frost) is selling this Canon EF-s lens with accessories



Canon EFS 10 – 22 lens 1: 3.5 – 4.5 usm
Lens bag
Lens hood
2 x Hoya PRO1 Digital Filters CPL & UV 77mm
I understand from Trevor that this lens has been hardly used and is in excellent (if not mint condition) and has always been used with a filter in place to protect the front element of the lens, and stored in the protective bag.

Trevor is asking £300 for the above, but doesn’t want to split the package.

If you’re interested please contact Trevor Frost directly at;
  • 07428 590511
Incidentally, I have this exact lens, and filter combination myself and if you’re looking for a wide-angle lens to use with a crop-frame camera then this is very good option. 10-22mm is equivalent to 16-35mm on full frame. Most recently I’ve used my copy of this lenses for weddings and wrestling where the incredibly wide angle of view is really useful in tight spaces. It’s sharp even when used wide-open, has fast USM focusing, and is a well built lens with a metal lens mount.
It’s worth noting the Hoya PRO Digital filters are quite thin which is important on a wide angle lens such as this to avoid vignetting.
  • This is an EF-s lens therefore it can only be used on crop-frame cameras such as the Canon 1000/1100/1200D, 350/400/450D Canon 30/40/50/60/70D/80D, and 7D mk1 and mk2.
  • This lens is NOT suitable for any version of the Canon 5D or 6D, or 1D bodies.