Discounted subscription to the British Journal of Photography

Andy    September 14, 2016

The following offer dropped into my Inbox this week….

British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest continually running and most influential photography publication, having defined the future of the medium since 1854. Now independent, we’re looking to the future and for new opportunities.

We’d like to work closer with key organisations, such as yourselves, to raise awareness of contemporary photography. The way we see this working initially is by offering you special offers for your members. All we ask for in return is that you spread the word to your members via email and social media for instance. To get us started here’s an exclusive UK offer set up solely for this kind of activity which will grant your members 45% off the usual price of BJP. That’s basically 5 free issues, including free home delivery.

It’s only a little extra for international subscriptions, so it’s a great offer all round!

Get 12 issues from just £5.44 an issue (normally £9.99)
Visit – use promo code photo16