OHOS – Photo-walk Report

Andy    August 20, 2016

A small group of members from the club met on Saturday the 20th August with the sole intention of finishing off a number of the outstanding streets in the OHOS project. A recent addition to the OHOS website allows you to see any missing streets on a map, so it was very easy to target a specific area on the south west of Hitchin.
Starting from the Highlander, as a group we had a very success trip walking up Grays Lane, and taking images of Walsh Close, Braunds Alley, and Winston Close as we passed. From the map we knew that Crow Furlong and Lucas Lane had already been covered, so we then took  a few shots as we walked along Highview (or maybe High View depending on which sign you looked at) to bring us out onto the Main Pirton Road.

We then crossed over the main Pirton Road to shoot Tudor Court and Pirton Close. As we crossed the Pirton Road our journey took us passed “Path 30” which we later used as a cut through from Pirton Road into Moormead Hill (also known as the A505). Once on Moormead Hill we shot the new development of Half Acre then walked back towards town and Moormead Close.

CE9A1359  CE9A1391

Finally we moved onto Wratten Road West, where we shot the Limes, Russell’s Slip,  Meadow Way and Wratten Close, before taking Russell’s slip back to our starting point and the Highlander Pub and well earned drink and chance to discuss the pictures we’d taken.

CE9A1394As far as the OHOS street project is concerned this was a great outing with over 50 new images being added covering at least the 15 streets we’d targeted. On a personal note it was enjoyable to go out and enjoy doing photography with other like-minded people who understand and don’t mid waiting while you get exactly the shot you’re after.

Having checked the OHOS website (ohos.hitchincameraclub.org) on my return I could see that there are just 78 streets which have yet to be photographed and we’ve seen images from 6 new contributors in the last week.

If you haven’t signed up to OHOS there’s still time and still streets to be shot. Just visit the OHOS website above and click the Sign-up as a new user link on the home page.CE9A1330