Tutorial Ideas – What’s coming up

Andy    July 31, 2016

Those of you came to the AGM may remember that during the meeting we passed around some postcards and pens, and asked you what you’d like to learn. Having looked through the replies we found there were some common themes which we’ll address over the next year. Although the details and timings of the tutorials are still to be confirmed during the 2016-17 season we’re hoping to run the following sessions as tutorials;

CE9A6953Off camera Flash
Here we’ll be talking about speedlights and how to get your flash away from the hot-shoe. In this tutorial we’ll spend some time discussing the disadvantages of on camera flash, the different types of speedlight you can buy and the different types of remote triggers.


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IMG_0003Introduction to studio lighting (or Off camera Flash part 2)
In this tutorial we’ll be extending the ideas discussed in the Off camera Flash tutorial, and talking about the placement of lights and the different modifiers you can use (including spills, softboxes and umbrellas.

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Lightning Laces - smallPainting with light
In this tutorial we’ll be looking at using long exposures, and introducing light during that exposure. We’ll be looking at 2 main techniques;

  • Light writing/drawing to show the light itself
  • Lighting subjects where the light is hidden


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For this tutorial we’ll be discussing macro (or more specifically Close-up) photography introducing the different types of equipment you can use to (Close-up lenses, Extension tubes and Macro lenses) and discussing some of the challenges to macro and how to address them.

Thin whiteIf there’s something that you’re particularly keen to learn about, or a subject you’d like to share with the club then simply ask a committee member and we’ll see what we can arrange.cropped-New-HCC-Logo.png