Crumpler Pretty Boy 7500 XXXL SLR and DSLR Camera Bag

Andy    June 19, 2016

214yvwM7q1LThis is a great bag if you want something mid-sized, that doesn’t scream “I’m a camera bag… mug my owner!”

Made by Crumpler this is a really well made bag with a large storage area, that comes with a selection of shaped adjustable dividers you can move around to fit your kit in securely. I’ve been able to fit 3 full sized lenses, or a large DSLR body, lens and flash combo in without issue.

There’s a handy pocket at the front with some really strong velcro, and the option of a buckle.

I paid just under £30 from “Blarney-John” on Ebay, although Amazon are doing them for the same price too (as of 25th March 2016).


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