Assignment Night – March 2016 – Holes & Straight out of the Camera

Andy    June 18, 2016

Like all assignment nights to give the members time to shoot some new images for the assignment night subjects had been announced several weeks before. For this particular assignment night the subjects were as follows;


Here the club member’s could shoot pretty much anything they wanted, in whatever style they wanted, using whatever shooting or post-processing techniques they wanted. The aim of this assignment was simply give the members a subject where they’d have to think a little bit out of the box.

Holes 2956

Straight out of the Camera

The second assignment night subject was intended to specifically challenge the more experienced and advanced photographers by completely ruling out photo-shop or any kind of post processing. Here our members were asked to shoot whatever they liked, however they had to get it right in camera, because was no opportunity to tweak the images to fix problems or to Jazz-up a weak picture.

As always for an assignment night our members did the club proud by following the rules of the assignment and entering the wide variety of imaginative images which our competition judges praise us for.

One of the most interesting effects of the “Straight from the camera” assignment was that the photographers used features within their cameras (such as black and white conversion, or fish-eye effects) to enhance their images.

Img 1921