Monochrome Competition: 2015/16

Tony    June 9, 2016

Monochrome Competition: 14 April 2016.  Judge: Colin Southgate

Member Title Score
Rafe Abrook Rubia 10
Dave Martin The Rooftop Diver 10
Dave Martin Echinopsis Cacti Flower 10
David Atkins Go, Go, Go 9.5
Andy Hyde Bella 9
Steve Granger Tammy 9
Jeremy Lintott Skeidararsandur, Iceland 9
Simon Maddison Romanian Man 9
Jeremy Lintott View from Chateau de Queribus, France 9
Rob Weavers You lookin’ at Me? 9
Tony Maynard-Smith Broadway Gardens 8.5
David Atkins Give it Everything 8.5
Rob Weavers Clear for Take-off 8.5
Steve Granger Night Bus 8.5
Tom Salmond Cold Metal 8.5
Rafe Abrook Spanish Moss 8.5
Simon Maddison Day of the Dead 8
Maija McDougal Sunny Side 8
Tony Maynard-Smith Michaelsburg Abbey 8
Andy Hyde Looking for a Bargain 8
Tom Salmond Cold Dip 7.5
Maija McDougal A Pedestrian Crossing 7.5
Projected Images
Member Title Score
Andy Hyde Sween 10
Jeremy Lintott Langdale 10
Rafe Abrook Under Sandown Pier 10
Gareth Kitchener The Mints with the Holes 9.5
Rafe Abrook The Motown Singer 9.5
Dave Martin White Pasque Flowers 9.5
Dave Martin The Sauce Seller 9
Colin Hewett Ethiopian Children 9
David Atkins Disallowed 9
Colin Hewett Yemeni Family 9
Rob Weavers Call Me 9
Simon Maddison Goth 8.5
Rob Weavers Time Out 8.5
Rosemary Kitchener St. John’s College, Cambridge 8.5
Gareth Kitchener Bridge Street 8.5
Simon Maddison Mimi and Daniel 8.5
Steve Granger Wanted 8.5
Terry Linton Ready to Travel 8.5
Nigel Hughes Long-Eared Owl 8
Steve Granger View from Tower Bridge 8
Jeremy Lintott Skeidararsandur Outwash Plain, Iceland 8
Terry Linton On the Footplate 8
Greg Covington Still Water 8
Nigel Hughes Pedestrian Zone 8
Tony Maynard-Smith At Lulworth Cove 7.5
Marcus Jackson Sumburgh Head Lighthouse 7.5
Chloe Markham Set Both Hands at Zero 7.5
Chloe Markham Alan Turing 7.5
Greg Covington Leeds and Liverpool Canal 7
Andy Hyde La Concha 7
Tony Maynard-Smith November Morning 7
Marcus Jackson Bletchley Park Sentinel 7
Rosemary Kitchener Tilehouse Street 7